Week 8

Gamification and Tourism

This week’s resources include a blog about online etiquette that might be handy to reflect on in the context of your ongoing collaborations. And if you would like to extend your learning, we’ll be taking a look at how the tourism industry can employ gamification, as well as the crucially important area of live video broadcasting ! We’ll cover these subjects – and any others of interest to you – in this week’s seminars, so don’t miss out!

Some extra gamified tourism-related videos below…

Bonus Challenge: Explore the World of Live Video

I’ve argued for some time that the perceived ‘authenticity’ long allocated to YouTube vloggers has in part shifted to live broadcasters. There is something distinct about performing, and being performed for, live. Conveying messages in this way is something I like to do every now and then, so I wanted to dwell briefly here on the intersection of social media and live streaming. You might have noticed this growing phenomenon in recent years via developments like live video on Instagram, Facebook Live, and live streaming on YouTube. The standalone Periscope app was recently discontinued and integrated by Twitter into its main app’s features.

I’ll openly admit that despite having put together many live broadcasts over several years, I still get a little hesitant and nervous before I press that red button (or at least that’s what it involved on Periscope, RIP). It’s a very different experience from making a video that gives you ample opportunity to edit to your heart’s content before publishing and sharing. But while I’m unlikely to mandate the use of live video broadcasts in student assessment (for now at least), I definitely recommend exploring live video at least as a viewer, if not as a creator right away.

If you would like to give a quick live Twitter video broadcast a try, there’s lots of advice in the above broadcast. While it can be an unnerving experience, you might be really glad you gave it a go – and who knows, you might just grow to like it and decide to develop the skill over time… 😉

Don’t forget to check out – and contribute to – the #ALM201 hashtag!!

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