Week 10

Cultural Representations of Gamification

The representation of phenomena like smartphones, social media, and video games in the news media, TV shows, books, films, and so on has a powerful influence on how they are perceived, used, and judged. The same can be said for cultural depictions of (fictionalised) forms of gamification, which we’ll take a look at this week. The first few episodes of Season 3 of Westworld are a terrific case in point, but don’t skip forward to that if you haven’t seen the rest! Instead, please watch the short film Sight before engaging with one or more of the following three blogs. These posts examine the portrayal of gamified practices in a short film, TV program, and a feature film:

Can you think of any other popular culture texts that represent game elements being applied to non-gaming contexts in some way? What views and values are conveyed, and how is this achieved? Does the prevalence of dystopic science-fiction environments provide a representative and balanced perspective on gamification? What impact might stereotypical ideas about games and gamers have had on perceptions of gamification? Does this matter?

Bonus Challenge: Choose Your Own Adventure

In previous weeks we’ve explored the opportunities to level up our media-making skills and portfolios with social media scheduling, live video broadcasating, and professional-personal uses of Instagram. This week, reflecting the fundamental theme of student agency that has underpinned this unit, we want you to choose your own adventure

Identify an area of media-making that you have never tried before or feel you need to get better at. Engaging with the theme of gamification in some way, produce some content for the unit hashtag.

If you’re completely stuck, maybe you can try out making a Prezi animation that visualizes your journey through the unit, with the ability to link and embed the major pieces of media you’ve made for it? Or you might come up with an even better idea…

With assignment deadlines looming, the only rule at this point in the trimester is that if you do come up with an idea and make some media, let us know!! 😊

Don’t forget to check out – and contribute to – the #ALM201 hashtag!!

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